Scope of Terms of Use
The following Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Content Submission Policy and Software EULA apply to
- Sites hosted under the,,,, domains or subdomains
- Programs distributed at the above sites
- Mobile apps for the above site services
- Support provided by the administrator via email, etc.
All of the above are referred to as "services" below.
If there is a separate Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Content Submission Policy, or Software EULA for each service, both shall apply. In the event of any inconsistency, the separate terms shall prevail.
Service EULA
- The service is operated in compliance with the laws and regulations of Japan and the United States. In addition, users are required to use the service in accordance with the laws and regulations of the country from which they are connecting.
- The use of the Service may be individually suspended or denied if the Administrator determines that you are engaged in or involved in antisocial activities or belong to a similar organization in the real world or on the Internet, whether on or off the Service.
- If the Administrator determines that the service is being used for malicious purposes, the Administrator may suspend or deny use of the service on an individual basis.
- In the event that a user subject to suspension (denial) of service use uses the functions of the service indirectly via a third party, the service use may be suspended or denied individually for all parties involved.
- The Company may individually suspend or deny use of the service to any user whose conduct has been or may be deemed to have been detrimental to the operation or management of the service.
- The administrator may disclose user information subject to suspension (or denial) of service use to the public or provide it to third parties as necessary.
- The administrator may view and provide data and other information about users if requested to do so by the police, courts, other administrative or legal authorities, or telecommunications carriers in the path of the parties, or if there is a risk that illegal activities may be taking place.
- The Administrator may provide user information in its possession in the event that the rights of a user have been infringed by an unreasonable act of the user, if requested to do so by the victim or his/her representative, or if it becomes necessary in the course of taking measures to suspend or remedy the use of the service.
- The Administrator shall not require any notice or explanation from the User when denying service to the User.
- When users receive control over individual pages or sites through blogging services, DNS services, rented web services, etc., the content of those pages or sites, as well as user-generated content by visitors, must always be managed to conform to the regulations.
- In the event that a user earns rewards such as gifts or points for contributions made by the user in a manner unintended by the Administrator, such as through the use of automated systems or through the intentional exploitation of a malfunction, the user shall be obligated to retroactively return any and all rewards to the Administrator. The User shall be obligated to return all Rewards to the Administrator retroactively.
- If you register an account or use a system that requires you to log in with an ID and password, you may not under any circumstances transfer, lend, sell, or share the account you have obtained with others.
- It is prohibited to divert data from the service to one's own service, to access systems used inside the service from the outside, or to access automated systems to retrieve data. (Unless permission is expressly stated in the service.)
- Minors who wish to use the Service must obtain the prior consent of a person with parental authority. The person with parental authority shall be responsible for properly supervising the minor's activities on the Service and the effects of such activities.
- When you use the service, you are deemed to have agreed to these Terms of Service.
- The Administrator is under no obligation to provide support to the Subscriber.
- If you find a glitch or security hole in the service, please inform the administrator. If the administrator determines that you are intentionally using a glitch or security hole, the administrator may suspend or deny your use of the service on an individual basis.
- In the event that the use of the Service involves the posting of content (data), the content of such data shall conform to the "Content Posting Rules.
Content Posting Rules
- You may not post content for which others own the rights without the permission of the rights holder. The contributor is solely responsible for all rights-related processing of posted content. (except when the content is sent privately to the administrator for reporting or other purposes)
- You may not post content that is restricted by the laws or ordinances of Japan, the U.S., Ireland, or any other country from which you are connecting.
- Postings that are intended for harassment, discriminatory, religious, or political advocacy, solicitation, or profit, that are associated or recognizable with genitalia or sexual activity[*1], that contain blood, violence, unsanitary conditions, pests, discrimination, or threats, that harm others or oneself, that endanger life, or that raise similar concerns. (These are permitted by the service.) (Except in cases where these are permitted by the service in a separately defined manner.)
- The act of posting numerous URLs or content unrelated to the service constitutes vandalism and is subject to deletion.
- Commercial or advertising postings, affiliates, stock solicitations, investment information, and medical information are subject to deletion, even if it is legal and accurate. (Unless these are permitted in a service-specific manner.)
- Computer viruses, adware and other threats, as well as miners, wallets and similar software and scripts related to virtual currency (cryptocurrency) are subject to removal.
- Content created by modifying existing works using AI, deep learning, etc. (including, but not limited to, those that use part or all of an existing work to perform some type of computational processing) is subject to deletion if the rights relationship has not been resolved with the rights holders of all works used. If the rights have not been resolved against the rights holders of all works used, the content will be subject to removal.
- Administrators and the system can edit and delete posted content and control how it is published and transmitted in order to carry out the service.
- The administrators reserve the right to delete or edit any postings they deem inappropriate or in violation of the rules without prior notice or permission. In such cases, no notice or explanation will be required.
- If the posted content is of a nature that can be judged by a third party to be clearly unauthorized by the rights holder, such as a recording of a television broadcast, the content may be subject to deletion even if the rights holder does not file a claim.
- The administrator may view and use the posted content, even if the content utilizes services or features that are not open to the public, when there is a reasonable, socially acceptable reason to do so, such as to improve functionality or detect inappropriate behavior. (Administrators will not view non-public information without reasonable cause, as this viewing is intended to improve functionality, support users, and learn from deep learning to detect and automate violations).
- Submitted content may be edited and published by other users or the system using the features on the site.
- Any content you post will be deemed to be a declaration that you own the appropriate rights related to the posting or transmission and that you are not wrongfully infringing on the rights of others at the time you post it.
- By posting (uploading) content (in any format, including text, images, video, audio, etc.) on the Service, or by generating User Generated Content through operations on the Service, you are deemed to have agreed to these Content Posting Rules.

[*1] MagicalDraw is exempt from such restrictions if the room is properly managed by the room owner (e.g., preventing access by minors, displaying warnings, etc.). However, this does not apply if the administrator deems the room to be inappropriate.
Software EULA
- You may not use the software distributed through the Service (hereinafter referred to as "the Software") to engage in any illegal activities (in the areas defined in the Terms of Service).
- The Administrator and Developer reserve the right to restrict or prohibit the use of the Software without notice.
- The Administrator and Developer do not warrant that the Software will operate properly or be continuously available.
- The administrator and developer will not view personal information collected by the software for its operation other than for software development or maintenance or to solve requested problems, nor will it be made available to the public without the user's permission.
- We are not responsible for any problems that may arise from the use of this software, whether for personal or business use, or from the inability to use the service due to malfunctions or failures.
- Use of the software may involve the collection of data. You are deemed to have agreed to the Privacy Policy.
- When using the Software, you are deemed to have agreed to the Content Submission Rules when using the Software with the transmission of data.
- Your installation or commencement of use of the Software constitutes your agreement to this EULA.
InstAddr EULA
- You may not use the Service or perform any act against the Service that violates the laws, ordinances, or other legal regulations of Japan and the United States, as well as the laws and ordinances of the countries from which you are connecting.
- You may not send or receive data (such as illegal photos or videos) that cannot be placed on a server in either Japan, the U.S., or Ireland.
- You may not send or receive e-mail for the purpose of harassment (slander, libel, threats), stalking, or illegal activities.
- Regardless of whether licensed or unlicensed, you may not use this service for the purpose of sending or receiving advertising e-mails (commercial solicitation e-mails or indiscriminate sales e-mails).
- The access code that identifies the user of this service (hereinafter referred to as "account") is only authorized for use by the individual who has obtained it, and may not be disclosed, transferred, sold, or shared with others.
- Although the administrator and developers and other parties involved in the operation (hereafter referred to as "administrator") make every effort to ensure the security of the servers and services, and provide relatively advanced security features and implementations, they cannot guarantee the security of email content and the personal and confidential information it contains.
- In the event of allegations or complaints, or at the discretion of the Administrator, the use of the Service may be restricted or prohibited without notice, without obligation to disclose the reason for such restriction or prohibition.
- The Administrator does not guarantee that the Service will operate properly or that it will be provided continuously. Users shall use the Service with the understanding that the Service may become unavailable due to malfunction or failure.
- The Administrator shall not be liable for any and all problems arising from the use of the Service by the User.
- The user assumes full responsibility for any problems caused by the use of the e-mail address obtained by the user.
- The administrator may view and provide the data in the account without the user's permission if requested to do so by the police, courts, other administrative or legal authorities, or telecommunications carriers on the party's route, or if there is a risk that illegal activity is taking place.
- Authority held by administrative agencies, legal bodies, telecommunications carriers, etc. shall be recognized in accordance with the Administrator's standards. In the event that more than one agency exists within a single administrative region due to a dispute or other reason, the authority of the agency by the state or other entity recognized by Japan shall be recognized.
- The administrator may view the data in the account without the user's permission for the purpose of preventing illegal or malicious misuse of the account, or for the purpose of correcting problems, developing functions, or responding to support requests. The data will be viewed to a minimum extent and will not be disclosed to third parties.
- In order to prevent malicious use, general spam prevention functions may be implemented and operated without prior notice to users.
- To prevent malicious use, we prohibit connections from certain high-risk connection sources (anonymous proxies, Tor, etc.).
- The system automatically checks (filters) the content and frequency of outgoing e-mails to prevent the act of sending unsolicited e-mails.
- When purchasing paid functions, it is necessary to agree to the terms of use of each app store if payment is made via the in-app purchase function of the app store. In addition, information necessary for payment and provision of paid functions will be provided to the respective app store.
- After the purchase of paid functions, the Company shall not be obligated to provide a refund even if the quality of the service falls below the user's expectations, or if the service cannot be used normally due to a failure, etc., or if the functionality on which the purchase was based is deleted or changed. (Refunds may be available at the discretion of the respective app store, so please contact the respective app store for details.)
- Cancellation or change of paid features must be done by yourself from the settings screen of each app store. Rules for refunds and appropriations vary depending on the features of each app store, so please check the information displayed.
- The price of paid features may be changed with or without explanation, refund, or extension of time for existing users. (Refunds or appropriations may be available depending on the functionality of the respective app store.)
- If it is found that the payment or use of paid functions is made in an illegal or suspected illegal manner, or that the service is abused or modified in a way that is illegal, or that the service is in violation of the EULA, or that the service is improperly used by sharing an account with a third party, the company reserves the right to refuse service use, with or without a refund. The Company reserves the right to deny use of the service with or without refund.
- When you send data by sending an e-mail or otherwise, you are deemed to have agreed to the Content Submission Rules, and the data you send will be deemed to conform to the Rules.
MagicalGift EULA
- The purchase of gifts is the responsibility of the user and must be made at the respective sales site. The Service will not be responsible for any problems (financial damage, lost money, legal issues, etc.) that may arise from the purchase or subsequent use of the gift.
- You are solely responsible for any tax or legal obligations that arise from giving or receiving a gift. The Service is not involved in any way.
- The Service shall not be obligated to compensate for any financial damage caused by system malfunction, attack, operational error, theft, maintenance, etc.
- The Service or the Administrator reserves the right to refuse any or all use of the Service at any time without notice. Users shall abide by such decisions.
- If it is determined that a Gift was obtained through improper means, such as exploitation of a system malfunction or illegal methods, the user may request the return of the Gift, and the user shall respond to the request within one week.
- Any problems or disputes that arise between the gift giver and the gift recipient shall be resolved between the parties concerned, and the Service shall not be involved and shall assume no responsibility whatsoever.
- Even if you purchase a gift certificate on a shopping site as instructed by the system, you are deemed to have purchased it at your own discretion and responsibility.
- This service supports the transfer of code information between individuals and triggers the transfer to perform a specified function. It does not provide a sales function.
- This service is not available to persons under 20 years of age.
Privacy Policy 
- About User Tracking and Cookies
This service uses Google AdSense (including AdMob), Google Analytics, and Amazon API for the purpose of advertising and analyzing user information.
This service may track you through cookies, but the information passed to these services is the URL of the pages you visit, your IP address, and the performance of your device, and does not contain any personally identifiable information.
If users do not wish to be tracked, they can refuse to accept cookies through their browser or device privacy settings.

Opt Out of Behavioral Advertising

Google Advertising Settings

- Handling of Personal Information
Depending on the content, the site may handle privacy and personal information.
When providing payment functions, information necessary for the provision of payment and related services will be provided to payment services and related companies.
We will not disclose this personal information to any third party without your permission, nor will we use it for any purpose other than the one you have agreed to.
However, the information may be provided without permission in the following cases
・When an illegal or suspected illegal act is committed and a request for disclosure is made by the police, a court or other investigative agency, an administrative agency, a legal agency, or a telecommunications carrier on the party's route.
・When a user's rights have been violated due to the user's wrongful act, or when a request is made by the victim or the victim's representative.
・When reporting to providers or administrative agencies for illegal activities, obstruction of operations, harassment, or infringement of rights.
However, in the event that personal information is unintentionally leaked to a third party due to a security flaw, attack, theft, etc., the Company shall be deemed to have taken all possible measures to deal with the situation and shall not be held liable for compensation or other losses.
Personal information held by the service can be deleted at the request of the user. When manually requesting deletion, the user must have already stopped using the service, the data must have been generated by the user's own operations, the user's identity must be verified, and the data must be of a nature that cannot be deleted by the service's functionality. It takes a minimum of 24 hours to complete the deletion.

- About software and apps
Software and apps may collect and remotely transmit information about your computer or device.
This is not done for the purpose of collecting privacy or personal information, but is done minimally for the purpose of providing operation and functionality.
The information collected will not be disclosed to outside parties without permission.
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