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The following descriptions in English is a translation. The Japanese version shall prevail in case of legal dispute.
- Through the use of the Service, or against the Service, you must not engage in any act in violation of laws and regulations, such as domestic laws (e.g. Act on Regulation of Transmission of Specified Electronic Mail, etc.) and ordinances of Japan.
- If you are using the Service from outside Japan, you will be subject to laws and regulations of the country of your residence in addition to domestic laws of Japan.
- You must not send or receive contents not allowed to be saved in servers in Japan (e.g. illegal images and movies) as email attachments.
- You must not receive or send messages prepared for harassing (e.g. abuse, threat, etc.), stalking, or other illegal purposes.
- You must not use the account for the purpose of sending or receiving ad mails (such as email solicitations and unsolicited sales promotion mails) whether or not they are permitted.
- The access code to identify a service user (hereafter the “account”) is made available exclusively for the individual granted with such account. The user must not disclose, assign, sell, or purchase it, or share its use.
- Administrators, developers, and other individuals in charge of the Service’s operation (hereafter the “Administrators”) are exercising their best effort to ensure the security of servers and the Service. Also, a relatively advanced security functions are implemented for the Service. Nevertheless, we do not guarantee the safety of the message contents, or personal information and confidential information contained in such messages.
- When a claim or complaint is filed or the Administrators deem it necessary, we may restrict or prohibit the use of the Service without advance notice or obligation to disclose the reason for such restrictive measures.
- The Administrators do not warranty an error-free operation of the Service or its continuous availability. The users shall use the Service while acknowledging the possibility of service suspension due to system malfunction or failure.
- The Administrators shall not be held responsible for any and all problems arising from the use of the Service by the Users.
- The User shall be responsible for all problems arising from the User’s use of email addresses created under the Service.
- At the request of the police, court, or other governmental and legal authorities, or of carriers along the User’s communication channels, or if illegal activities are suspected, the Administrators may browse and provide the data belonging to the User’s account without the User’s permission.
- The Administrators may browse the data belonging to the User’s account without the User’s permission for the purpose of preventing illegal or malicious use, for system error corrections and function improvements, and for support purposes. In this case, such browsing will be done within the minimum required extent, and no part of the data will be disclosed to any third party.
- Authority held by administrative, legal, telecommunications, and other agencies shall be recognized by the administrator in accordance with the administrator's standards. In the event that more than one agency exists within a single administrative region due to a dispute or other reason, the authority of the agency by the state or other entity recognized by Japan shall be recognized.
- In order to prevent malicious use, the Service may install and launch spam mail blocking functions without advance notice to the User.
- In order to prevent malicious use, the Service prohibits connections from certain high-risk hosts (e.g. anonymous proxies, Tor, etc.)
- In order to prevent spamming, the system automatically checks (filters) the contents and frequency of sent messages.
- When purchasing paid functions, you must agree to the terms and conditions of each app store when making payment via the in-app purchase function of the app store. In addition, information necessary for payment and provision of paid functions will be provided to each app store.
- After the purchase of paid functions, there is no obligation to provide a refund if the quality of the service falls below the user's expectations, if the service cannot be used properly due to a failure or other reason, or if the functions that were the premise of the purchase are deleted or changed. (Refunds at the discretion of the respective app store may be available, so please contact the respective app store.
- To cancel or change paid features, you need to do so by yourself from the settings screen of each app store. The rules for refunds and allocations vary depending on the features of each app store, so please check the details displayed.
- We reserve the right to change the prices of paid functions with or without explanation, refund, or extension of the term for existing users. (Refunds or allocations may be available depending on the features of each app store.)
- If it is found that payment for or use of paid features is made in an illegal or suspected illegal manner, or that the service has been abused or modified in a way that is illegal, or that the service is in violation of the EULA, or that the service has been improperly used by sharing an account with a third party, the Company may refuse service, with or without a refund.

If you do not agree with the above Terms and Conditions, please immediately delete the app and terminate the use. If you are using a browser, discontinue your access.
Privacy Policy 
- About User Tracking and Cookies
This service uses Google AdSense (including AdMob), Google Analytics, and Amazon APIs to serve ads and analyze user information.
This service may use cookies to track you, but the information passed to these services is the URL of the page you are viewing, IP address, terminal performance, etc., and does not include information that can identify you personally.
If the user does not wish to be tracked, he or she may refuse to accept cookies by using the privacy settings of the browser or terminal.

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- Handling of Personal Information
Some content on the site may deal with privacy and personal information.
When providing payment functions, the information necessary to provide payment and related services will be provided to the payment service and related companies. This information will not be disclosed to any third party without permission, nor will it be used for any purpose other than that for which you have agreed.
However, the following cases can be provided without permission.
・In the event that an illegal act is committed and a request for disclosure is made by the police, a court or other government agency, a legal body, or a telecommunications carrier on the party's route.
・When a user's rights have been violated due to an unjust act of the user, or when a request is made by the victim or their representative.
・To report illegal activities, obstruction of operations, harassment, or violation of rights to providers or government agencies.
However, we will not be liable for compensation in the event that personal information is unintentionally leaked to a third party due to a security flaw, attack, or theft.
The personal information held by the service can be deleted at the user's request. In the event of a manual deletion request, the user must have already stopped using the service, the data must have been generated by the user's own operation and the user must be able to confirm the identity of the user, and the data must be of a nature that cannot be deleted by the service's functions. In addition, it takes a minimum of 24 hours to complete the deletion.

- About software and apps
Software and apps may collect and remotely transmit information about your computer or device.
This is not done for the purpose of collecting privacy information or personal information, but is done at the minimum necessary to provide operation and functionality.
In addition, the information collected will not be disclosed to outside parties without permission.
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